Shahidul files writ challenging legality of suing him

photographer Shahidul Alam
File photo of Shahidul Alam

Noted photographer Shahidul Alam has filed a writ petition with the High Court challenging the legality of the case in which he suffered in jail for 107 days.

In the petition, Shahidul prayed to the HC to stay the proceedings of the case filed by the police against him under the section 57 of the Informational Communication and Technology (ICT) Act.

The internationally acclaimed photographer submitted the petition on Sunday, saying that the case was filed against him violating his fundamental rights and abusing the relevant process of law, his lawyer Barrister Sara Hossain told The Daily Star.

Without elaborating, she also said there are procedural errors in filing of the case filed against Shahidul.

The HC may hold hearing on the petition next week, the lawyer added.

Shahidul, also the founder of Drik Gallery and Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, was picked up on August 5 last year from his Dhanmondi residence in the capital during a widespread demonstration for safe road.

Police filed a case against the 63-year-old man under the section 57 of the ICT Act and produced him before a Dhaka court the following day.

He was then placed on a seven-day remand.

Police charged him with “spreading propaganda and false information against the government.”

His arrest and imprisonment sparked outrage and condemnation home and abroad.

The noted photographer obtained permanent bail from the HC on November 15 last year following a petition filed by him.

He got released from Dhaka central jail on November 20 last year.


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