No reason behind US’ security alert update: Minister

US says alert does not indicate new threat
Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal says no situation has arisen in the country for which the US can update its security alert for its citizen. Star file photo

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal today said no situation has arisen in the country for which the US can update its security alert for its citizen here.

“No incident has taken place here that may threaten security or no such a situation has arisen for which the US can update its travel alert for its citizens,” he said while talking to reporters at his Secretariat office in Dhaka.

On Saturday, the US embassy in Dhaka updated its security message for American citizens in Bangladesh saying terrorist threat remains “real and credible”.

Kamal said the US did not provide the government any specific information or source of it for which they were prompted to update the travel alert.

He, however, said they did not take the issue lightly. “We’ve ensured adequate security in Dhaka city’s diplomatic zone and for all foreigners staying in Bangladesh.”

About the recent killings of two foreigners, the minister said the prime minister has already said the incidents are part of a foreign and local plot.

He said the two foreign nationals were killed to impede the country’s development and make the government embarrassed.


The US has appreciated government’s efforts to ensure the safety and security of foreigners working and visiting Bangladesh, and mentioned that the intention of security message was to encourage US citizens to continue to 'exercise caution'.

"The US embassy has a legal obligation to look after the safety of US citizens in Bangladesh, which includes encouraging US citizens to remain vigilant," Embassy Spokesperson Nancy VanHorn told UNB today.

About the security notices issued this weekend, she said the intention was to encourage US citizens to continue to exercise caution and the these notices were based on the 'original existing threat' information and do not indicate a new threat.

"The notices were also aimed at informing our citizens about the government of Bangladesh’s efforts to identify foreigners in the country in order to be better prepared to protect them," said the spokesperson.

Nancy also said the US embassy is deeply grateful to the government of Bangladesh, and in particular to Bangladeshi law enforcement, for the extraordinary security measures that have been put in place over the last few weeks in response to the fatal attacks on two foreign nationals.

"Thanks to Bangladeshi law enforcement and the commitment of the government of Bangladesh, security has been improved for foreigners visiting or living in Bangladesh," she added.


About security steps taken for smooth celebration of Durga Puja and holy Ashura, the home minister said the government has taken adequate security measures and put the law enforcers on alert so that no one can carry out any untoward incident during the two festivals at any place in the country, including the capital.

Besides, the minister said the members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) have also been kept on alert and they will go for action at any place anytime whenever necessary.

The Durga Puja, the biggest religious festival of Hindus, began today while the holy Ashura, a religious mourning day for the Muslims, will be observed on October 24.

Replying to another question when the government will bring back Nur Hossain, the prime accused in the Narayanganj seven-murder cases, from India, Kamal said they are in touch with India over the matter.

“The day the Indian government will agree to repatriate him, we’ll bring him back on that day. We’re ready to receive him any time.”

On Oct 16, an Indian court has ordered extradition of Nur Hossain to Bangladesh by December 15 next.


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