Good price brings smile to onion seed growers

Farmer Shahidul Islam works at his onion seed field at Madhabpur village in Natore’s Naldanga upazila. PHOTO: STAR

Onion seed farming in the district is gaining popularity as the growers are earning a handsome amount of money from its cultivation.

Rafiqul Islam, deputy director of Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) in Natore, said about 86 hectares of land in the district have been brought under onion seed cultivation this year while it was 78 hectares in 2018.

Farmer Shahidul Islam, 38, of Madhabpur village in Naldanga upazila, said he has been cultivating onion seed for a decade.

It is more profitable than other crops, he said, adding that the soil of the region is suitable for its cultivation.

“I have cultivated onion seed on eight decimals of land spending Tk 5,000 and got 30 kg of seeds this year. I am hopeful to make a profit of Tk 1 lakh this year,” Shahidul said, adding that “I was a poor grower ten years ago, but at present I have changed my luck by cultivating onion seed.”

Shahidul further said he got 52 kg of onion seeds and sold per kg at Tk 3,000. He earned profit of Tk 1.44 lakh from his 16 decimals land.

Rashedul Islam, 30, of the same village, said he cultivated onion seed on 20 decimals of land spending Tk 40,000 this year. He hopes to get 60 to 70 kg of seeds from the land.

He expects to earn a profit of Tk 1 lakh this season, said Rashedul.

Nabir Uddin of Bangabaria village in Natore Sadar upazila said he has cultivated onion seed on 33 decimals of land spending Tk 20,000 this year.

He made a profit of Tk 20,000 by selling onion seeds last year, Nabir added.

The DAE official said farmers have achieved bumper production of onion seed this year as the weather was favourable.

He also said they are trying to inspire more growers of the district for cultivating onion seeds as it is very profitable.


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