Bus torched for hurting 2 RMG workers in Gazipur

Garment workers torch a bus at Zirani Bazar in Savar, Tuesday morning after the vehicle hit and injured two of their fellows. Photo: Star

Garment workers torched a bus at Zirani Bazar in Savar, on the outskirts of Dhaka, this morning after the vehicle hit and injured two of their fellows.

One of the injured, Shamim Hossain, a worker of Ha-Meem Group was admitted to Enam Medical College Hospital, while the other whose name could not be known immediately received first aid at a local hospital, police and hospital sources said.

The accident took place near the workshop of Uttara Motors Limited in the morning, said Khandakar Rezaul Hasan, officer-in-charge of Joydebpur Police Station.

The driver was allegedly driving his vehicle on the wrong side of road when he hit the two victims, our Savar correspondent reports quoting the OC said.

Hearing the news, the aggrieved readymade garment workers from nearby factories rushed to the spot and vandalised and set fire to the Pabna-bound bus of Abir Enterprise around 8:00am, said Mustafa Kamal, OC of Ashulia Police Station.

The fire partially gutted the bus before a firefighting unit rushed in and put out the flame.

None was arrested in this regard.

Road communication on the Dhaka-Tangail highway was suspended for an hour following the incident, the OC said.


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