'Raped' RMG worker yet to be found

A female worker of a sweater factory, who went missing on August 26 allegedly a day after she was raped at her workplace at Hemayetpur in Savar, outside the capital, is yet to be found.

Elder brother of the 20-year-old worker said his sister set off for office on that morning but did not return. When he reached the factory searching her during the lunch break, her coworkers informed him that she did not show up and was raped by “their electrician Yunus” on August 25 around 10:00pm while everyone was leaving.

The brother immediately lodged a complaint with Savar police following which Yunus was arrested. But on August 29, the factory authorities got him released on bail.

Admin Manager of Badrunnesa Sweaters Ltd, Wahidul Islam, said he also heard “a rumour” but the girl did not complaint to him. Many workers told our correspondent that they had also heard about the rape incident from others but none could ascertain what really happened. During primary information, Yunus denied the allegation, said police.


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