Now, Brac makes Mars rover ‘Mongol Tori’

Six Bangladeshi universities to showcase Mars rovers in global contest in June
Mars rover “Mongol Tori", designed as an alternative to astronauts in Mars, has been developed by six students of Brac University and mentored by Dr Khalilur Rahman. Photo: Courtesy

After Bangladesh’s first nano-satellite “Onnesha” and lunar excavator “Chondrobot,” students of Brac University have taken a stride further into space with Mars rover “Mongol Tori.”

A team of six students designed and engineered the rover which will be showcased at the University Rover Challenge organised by University Rover Challenge in Utah in June.

The selection was made on March 21 after the organisers selected 36 teams from seven countries following a critical design review of the aspiring participants of the Mars rover contest.

Six projects of Bangladeshi universities – American International University Bangladesh, United International University, Islamic University of Technology, Independent University of Bangladesh and Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology – made it into the contest.

“We are delighted that our design was approved for the University Rover Challegenge,” said Niaz Sharif, leader of the six-student Brac team, told The Daily Star this morning.

“We hope we will make the country proud,” he said.

Dr Khalilur Rahman, an advisor to the project who was also behind “Onnesha” and “Chondrobot”, told The Daily Star: “It is a remarkable feat that our students have achieved.”

“Six Bangladeshi universities got selected. This is a new achievement for Bangladesh. I hope this will brighten Bangladesh’s image both home and abroad,” Dr Khalil said. “The government needs to support such initiatives of Bangladeshi students.”

Brac is expected to launch the country’s first nano-satellite “Onnesha” into space by May. The 10cm-10cm cubic satellite will be used primarily for research purposes.

Back in 2011, students of the Brac University made lunar excavator “Chondrobot” which participated in a contest of Nasa lunar excavator and created an impression worldwide.


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