No VAT on pads!

Demand RU students
Students under the banner of voluntary organisation “The 6th Sense” formed a human chain in front of National Museum in Shahbagh yesterday, demanding that the government scrap VAT on sanitary pads as proposed in the budget. Photo: Star

Students of Rajshahi University (RU) formed a human chain yesterday, demanding scrapping of value added tax (VAT) on sanitary pads -- proposed in the budget.

The students, under the banner of ‘The 6th Sense’ -- a voluntary organisation -- formed the human chain around 4pm at Zero Point area of Rajshahi city.

Naorin Amina, a demonstrator at the human chain, said that sanitary pads are not a luxury, they are an essential product for girls.

She said, many school-going girls in Bangladesh do not attend classes during their periods and women often miss work due to infection caused by unhygienic menstrual management.

The government should scrap the VAT on sanitary pads and supply these at cheaper prices, she added.

Around 40 students joined the human chain.



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