TIB for probe into medical question leak as protests continue

Alleging question leak in the medical and dental college admission exams that were held previously, the students demand a scrap to the results and a retake of the examinations. They vowed to continue demo until their demand was met. Photo: Star/ Amran Hossain

Anti-graft watchdog Transparency International today voiced support for protestors and urged for a neutral probe in the recently-held medical admission tests.

The test held on September 18 was smeared by what admission seekers allege question leak. They are continuing protests urging a retake of the exams.

"The stance of a portion of government on the issue would only shelter the main perpetrators and indulge irregularities, which is not acceptable," TIB Executive Director Iftekharuzzaman said in a press release issued this afternoon.

He however asked students to refrain from any activities that would hamper the daily public life.

Meanwhile, around 200 students seeking a retake of the medical and dental college admission tests demonstrated for the 10th day today and have announced programmes for tomorrow.

The students wore black badges on their mouths and staged a sit-in at Central Shaheed Minar around 10:00am as part of their pre-announced schedule.

Later around 11:45am, they staged a sit-in programme in front of the Public Library as cops from Shahbagh Police Station barred their procession from marching towards the Jatiya Press Club.

Similar programmes were held in most divisional cities including Rangpur, Sylhet, Rajshahi Khulna and Chittagong.

Around 83,000 students took the test on September 18 against 11,049 seats in 39 public medical and dental colleges and 98 private medical and dental colleges.

Students alleged that the questions of the test were widely available a day before the exam on social media websites. Despite the allegations, the exams were held on the scheduled date and results were announced, in which a total of 48,448 students passed.


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