First aid for road victims now in Chandina

TraumaLink, an NGO providing emergency primary treatment to road accident victims, yesterday expanded its first aid services in Chandina area on Dhaka-Chittagong highway.

With the expansion of its services on 15km stretch of the highway, TraumaLink is now operating on 55km of Dhaka-Chittagong and Dhaka-Aricha highways, said TraumaLink in a statement yesterday.

The voluntary organisation utilises an emergency hotline number -- 16465. Anyone in the localities can call the number 24/7.

After getting a call, volunteers rush to the accident spot and rescue the people in emergency and use their skills and basic medical equipment for saving lives and then help them transport to the nearest health facility.

The NGO has so far responded to 315 incidents and provided treatment to around 500 people, it said.

Marking the expansion of its services, TraumaLink held a programme in Chandina area yesterday.

Paritosh Ghosh, superintendent of Highway Police in Comilla, was present as the chief guest.


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‘ভোটকেন্দ্রে না যেতে হুমকি দেওয়া হচ্ছে’

বরিশাল সিটিতে সুষ্ঠু নির্বাচনের ব্যাপারে উদ্বেগ প্রকাশ করে জাতীয় পার্টির মেয়র প্রার্থী ইকবাল হোসেন তাপস বলেছেন, তারা প্রতিনিয়ত হুমকির সম্মুখীন হচ্ছেন।