First aid for road victims

Traumalink launches emergency support on Dhaka-Aricha road

Traumalink, a voluntary organisation providing emergency primary treatment to road accident victims, has now launched its service on the Dhaka-Aricha highway in Manikganj.

During an inauguration ceremony in Manikganj Zila Parishad's auditorium yesterday, Director (operation) of the organisation Esha Chowdhury said they selected 90 trained volunteers who would be deployed on different spots within 20-kilometre between Golora of Saturia and Mohadevpur of Shivalaya upazila.

The volunteers in uniform will be carrying first-aid kit, she added.

Noted writer and researcher Syed Abul Moksud attended the event through video conference. Even though road accidents decreased in Manikganj after 19 spots were widened on Dhaka-Aricha highway, many accidents are still occurring there, he added.

Deputy Director of Manikganj Local Government Md Abdul Motin, Medical Officer of Manikganj Government Hospital Dr Uttam Kumer Sarker, Officer-in-Charge of Golora Highway Police Station Mohammad Habibur Rahman and Traumalink's Medical Advisor Abdul Baki, and its Programme Manager Arup Saha also spoke.

The service launched on Dhaka-Aricha highway named “death trap” deserves appreciation, the participants said.

The organisation launched its first service on 19-kilometre highway in Daudkandi of Comilla on November 23, 2014. At least 484 victims have been given first-aid till now.

They will also launch a team on 15-kilometre highway in Chandia of Comilla on August 27, Esha said.  


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