Marrying Woman Forcefully

DMP official to be investigated

A probe committee will be formed to investigate the allegation against DMP Additional Commissioner Mizanur Rahman for marrying a woman forcefully and torturing her, said Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal yesterday.

“We are now busy with police week programmes... I will try to talk to the IGP tomorrow [today] about the allegation,” the minister told The Daily Star.

The police officer allegedly picked up Morium Akter Eko, 25, in front of her Panthapath residence on July 15 last year and married her.

Morium also alleged that she was framed in a false case in which she had been in jail for three weeks. She received bail a week ago.

Morium said she became acquainted with the police official through one of his friends and gradually developed a good rapport with him.

At one stage, Mizanur started making “indecent proposals” to her. On July 15, he said he wanted to apologise for his misdeeds.

On the day, in the name of talking, Mizanur took her to the  “300 feet road” area where he tortured her, Morium alleged.

Morium was later taken to the police officer's Bailey Road residence where a doctor, in the name of treating her, injected her with something that made her unconscious.

The next afternoon, she found her in Mizanur's nightwear, Morium alleged while talking to the media.

As she tried to commit suicide afterwards, Mizanur called her mother Queen Talukder on the phone and requested her to come to Dhaka from Bogra. Morium was kept confined to the house until her mother arrived on July 17.

Mizanur apologised for his misdeeds and proposed to marry Morium. As Morium and her mother rejected the proposal, Mizanur threatened to kill them brandishing his firearm. At one stage, Mizanur married Morium with Tk 50 lakh as alimony, said Morium. Queen has submitted complaints to the Prime Minister's Office, the home ministry and the Police Headquarters describing the incident. In her complaint, Queen mentioned that Mizanur started living with Morium in his Bailey Road residence after the marriage.

Some days later, he rented a separate house in Lalmatia for her daughter, saying that his first wife was coming home from Canada, she said. The mother alleged that Mizanur later started torturing her daughter and pressurised for divorce. As the family tried to collect the copy of the marriage certificate, the case was filed with Ramna Police Station accusing her of ransacking his house. Police arrested Morium on December 12.

Despite repeated attempts, Mizanur did not receive phone calls. He even did not reply to a text massage. Moments later his phone was found switched off. However, he denied the allegations while talking to the media earlier.


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