7,000 Ctg artisans busy making Eid outfits

With Eid-ul-Fitr approaching near, artisans at Khalifa Potti, a popular wholesale market for readymade outfits in Chittagong city, are busy trying to keep up with the demand of one of the biggest religious festivals of Muslims.    

At the Khalifa Potti in Ghat Farhadbeg area, some workers are seen manufacturing various attire including shirts, tops, skirts, frocks, salwar suits and gowns of different designs and colours, while some are busy making artistic fancy works on dresses of women and children and on men's punjabi.  

Kazi Md Kafil Uddin, owner of Bismillah Garments, said usually six workers work for some 14 hours per day. But now, eight workers are working for some 20 hours a day, he added.

About the sale this year, Kafil said he was satisfied with what he had sold so far.   

Another trader, Belal Hossain, produces female clothes, and shirts for kids with the help of three artisans at his factory. The wholesale price of the readymade outfits is between Tk 80 and Tk 2,000, he added.

“Targeting Eid, we have started our production three to four months before,” he added.  

“Earlier, our daily sale was between Tk 1 and 4 lakh. But, there has been a decline in the sale since last two years,” he added.

“On an average, we have sold goods for about Tk 40,000 to Tk 50,000 per day till now,” he said, adding, “Our sale will continue till 29th Ramadan.” 

Kazi Mohin, a worker at Belal's factory cum shop, said they were working for extra six hours daily.

Mohammad Reaz, a craftsman at Ahmmad Fashion, said, “We can produce two to three dozens of clothes per day. But, it takes more time when the designs are complex.” 

About their sale, Mohammad Sohag, a staff of Ahmmad Fashion, said it was not satisfactory yet, but he hoped that their sale would increase within a few days.  Some 2,000 artisans are now working in about 500 factories and shops in the area. With them, the total number of artisans is 7,000, said Md Shamsul Alam, general secretary of Khalifa Potti Bonik Kalyan Samity.

Between Shab-e-Barat and 20th Ramadan, some shops manage to do business of about Tk 30 lakh to Tk 40 lakh while some shops experience sale up to Tk 2 crore. Many fashion house and boutique shop owners buy clothes from the potti as they are made with high quality fabric, trendy designs and attractive handiwork, he added.


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