Stocks break gaining streak

Dhaka Stock Exchange, DSEX,
The new building of the Dhaka Stock Exchange in the capital's Nikunja is seen. Photo: Star

The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) broke a four-day rising streak today when its turnover also experienced a drop.

The DSEX, the benchmark index of the DSE, fell 22 points, or 0.35 per cent, to 6,393.

The DS30, the blue-chip index, dropped 0.57 per cent to 2,245 while the DSES, the index that represents shariah-based companies, fell 0.30 per cent to 1,401.

At the DSE, 48 securities advanced, 98 declined, and 208 did not see any movement.

Turnover, one of the important indicators of the market, fell 3 per cent to Tk 1,235 crore.

Genex Infosys topped the gainers' list, advancing 9.99 per cent. Navana Pharmaceuticals, IT Consultants, Agni Systems, and Pragati Life Insurance also rocketed more than 9 per cent.

Doreen Power Generations and Systems suffered the sharpest fall, giving up 10.6 per cent. Indo-Bangla Pharmaceuticals, Intraco Refueling Station, Desh General Insurance Company, and Fareast Islami Life Insurance were also among the major losers.

The Caspi, the all-share price index of the Chittagong Stock Exchange, dropped 39 points, or 0.20 per cent, to close at 18,879.

Of the issues that traded on the bourse in the port city, 49 advanced, 65 declined, and 121 did not show any price movement.


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