Genex Infosys now distributor of Siemens software

IT services provider Genex Infosys will be distributing Siemens software offerings across a broad spectrum of industry domains in Bangladesh.

Yesterday it announced to have joined a Siemens Digital Industries Software Solution Provider Partner Programme.

"(It) will play a key role in the digital transformation of our manufacturing sectors including RMG, and help them in their journey of Industry 4.0," said Abu Taiyab, executive director of Genex Infosys.

"It is now possible for our customers to use the same industry-leading technology that top manufacturing companies throughout the world depend on every day," he said.

"Leveraging the Xcelerator Portfolio, the end-to-end digital innovation platform…will help enable our customers to realise innovation and optimise manufacturing performance," he added.

Team center PLM, Mendix Low Code Software development, Mindsphere Industrial IOT Platform, NX CAD/CAM Products and Preactor Planning Solutions will create significant contribution towards the industrial revolution of Bangladesh, according to a statement.

Genex Infosys has multiple operation centers in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand and the UK.


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