Public servants to get cheap home loans

Decision today on finance ministry proposal

Around 14 lakh government employees are to get housing loans at low interest rates, as proposed by the finance ministry in keeping with the last pay commission recommendations.

The loans would be disbursed in three categories depending on location as proposed.

The proposed amount of loans and the relevant policy would be discussed and finalised at a meeting chaired by the finance secretary today.

The highest amount would be Tk 75 lakh and the lowest Tk 20 lakh.

Officials salaried on the fifth grade and above would be entitled to Tk 75 lakh loan in the capital, city corporation areas, and divisional cities, Tk 60 lakh in district towns, and Tk 50 lakh in other areas.

Likewise, officials on ninth to sixth grades would be entitled to loan of Tk 65 lakh, Tk 55 lakh and Tk 45 lakh respectively.

Officials on 10th to 13th grades would get loan of Tk 55 lakh, Tk 40 lakh, and Tk 30 lakh.

The amount of loan for officials on 14th to 17th grades are Tk 40 lakh, Tk 30 lakh, and Tk 25 lakh and those for officials on 18th to 20th grades are Tk 35 lakh, Tk 25 lakh, and Tk 20 lakh.


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