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Muzakkir’s father files murder case

Borhan Uddin Muzakkir. Photo: Collected

Four days after Noakhali was rocked by violence that left a journalist dead, a murder case was filed yesterday.  

Journalist Borhan Uddin Muzakkir's father Nurul Huda Master filed the case with Companyganj Police Station accusing unnamed people, said police.

The deceased's elder brother Mawlana Noor Uddin said there was CCTV footage and if the law enforcers scrutinised them, they would be able to identify the killers.

He claimed that the mobile phone and camera, which Muzakkir was using during the violence, had been recovered.

Companyganj Police Station's officer-in-charge (OC) Mir Zahidul Haque Rony said, "We have already started working on tracing the killers."

None had been arrested as of 5:00pm yesterday.

With this, three cases have been filed in connection with the deadly clash of February 19 that took place between two factions of ruling Awami League over establishing supremacy.

One group was led by Abdul Quader Mirza, younger brother of AL General Secretary Obaidul Quader.

The other group was led by Mizanur Rahman Badal, organising secretary of upazila unit AL.

Both the groups used fire arms in the clash and police also fired around 10 to 12 round of bullets to bring the situation under control.

At least 50 people were injured.

Injured Muzakkir, a correspondent of online portal Barta Bazar, died of his bullet injuries at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital on Saturday.

On Friday night, Mizanur Rahman Badal filed a case against 44 named and 600 unnamed people with Companyganj Police Station.

Besides, a sub-inspector of Companyganj Police Station Rafiqul Islam filed a separate case against 700 unnamed people.

Yesterday, journalists and people held separate demonstrations demanding trial of the killers of Muzakkir.



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