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  • The rapes that don’t matter

    A photo taken at the recent protests against rape has been making the rounds on social media. In the image, a tea-seller named Abdul Jalil Shwapan—or “Shwapan Mama” as he is fondly known to the students of the campus—holds up a placard demanding death for the rapists of both the DU student whose rape has shaken up the system, as well as that of his own child.
  • River Polluters: Fine not enough, jail them too

    River polluters should be not only fined but also punished with jail terms, recommends the National River Conservation Commission.
  • The false propaganda about minority persecution in Bangladesh

    In order to justify the discriminatory stance of the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, something odd is happening—Bangladesh is being painted by elements within India as a violent state from which Hindus are fleeing away, into India.
  • The misleading claims

    Suu Kyi: Please allow me to clarify the term clearance operation. Its meaning has been distorted. As early as the 1950s has been used against communists. It simply means to clear an area of insurgents or terrorists.
  • UN Rights Council’s Recommendations: Dhaka yet to make visible progress

    Every four years, the United Nation’s Human Rights Council reviews Bangladesh’s human rights situation as part of its Universal Periodic Review (UPR).