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    When the Accord and Alliance signed on different brands from all over the world after the Rana Plaza collapse in 2013, they pledged that the factories that these brands will do business with will ensure safe working conditions for the workers.
  • From a t-shirt to Nusrat: Our right to protest

    Nusrat Jahan Rafi died for protesting against sexual harassment on the same week that social media hyenas were tearing women apart for daring to wear the ga gheshe daraben na t-shirt on public buses.
  • The tightening noose of golden fibre

    The jute industry is in such deep debt that it would have to sell an arm and a leg, and perhaps both kidneys too, to be able to pay all that it owes their workers.
  • Anatomy of a city on fire

    A resource-strapped fire brigade, skyscrapers with non-existent fire exits, no fire hydrants on the roads, and hospitals on top of chemical warehouses—that is the city of Dhaka.
  • Only two ways to escape

    A city where spectre of fire looms

    Only 129 of 3,786 establishments in Dhaka city surveyed by the Fire Service and Civil Defence headquarters in 2017 were not classified as “Risky” or “Extremely Risky”.