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  • Tea gardens brewing discontent

    The contract made between tea workers and tea garden owners expired last year. They spent the last two years fighting for their minimum wage to be increased from Tk 85 per day to Tk 230. This would have brought their monthly cash wages from Tk 2,550 to TK 6,900, which is approximately equivalent to the minimum wages of the ready-made garments sector.
  • The “theatre” of rape

    “[...] Think of the birangona not as the haunted spectre that would feed the imaginary of the nation but as one who has to make her life in the world in a mode of ordinary realism.” Veena Das, in her foreword to Nayanika Mookherjee's The Spectral Wound
  • Caring for the little souls

    Lunchtime was just over at Balukhali camp 8E. The household of Akhter Hujur officially has four members -- himself, his young wife, her sister and a tiny infant daughter -- but there is always one extra mouth to feed. That mouth belongs to a person with neither mother or father, nor family.
  • You are your Facebook profile

    On public fronts, ministers delivered implicit and tactful statements to the public asking them to wrap up their banners and slogans and go home. Out of the public eye, hundreds of individuals were detained in police stations across the country or attacked by individuals allegedly from the ruling-party's student wing, while teachers were threatened to withdraw support from their students.
  • The road expansion project that will demolish Bihari homes

    On the morning of July 26, 2018 the “bihari” camps in Mirpur sectors 10 and 11 were gripped by panic as they waited with bated breath for a bulldozer to drive up their alleyways and tear down their homes.