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  • Only two ways to escape

    A city where spectre of fire looms

    Only 129 of 3,786 establishments in Dhaka city surveyed by the Fire Service and Civil Defence headquarters in 2017 were not classified as “Risky” or “Extremely Risky”.
  • Eviction in the days of development

    Anyone who has witnessed Ashura in and around of Mirpur may have noticed a two-storey red and gold taziya. Tucked inside a one-roomed imambara mausoleum on Lane 18 of Mirpur-11, locked behind green warehouse doors, this taziya is one of the stranded Pakistani community's best kept secrets.
  • Landless but not helpless

    Glance through the Information Commission's publicly available database of applications made under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, and something striking stands out.
  • Mapping Our Many Mother Tongues

    Very recently, a video song called “Poran Priyo” released by the telecom provider Robi, featuring an all-girls band F Minor has been making the rounds on social media as a “pahari” song, but very few know that the language of the lyrics is actually Achik, the language of the Garo community.
  • Pot of Gold - At the end of the 300 feet road

    On January 28, the High Court ordered 38 housing projects around Purbachal New Town to temporarily stop all land-related activity being conducted. To be more specific, this activity included plugging up water-bodies, filling lowlands with sand, and clearing out vegetation.