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  • When arrests warrant questions

    “Where is your warrant?” is the first question that people ask when the police knocks on the door. That is the question being asked by a daughter in a video that recently went viral on Facebook, when the police came to apprehend her father. The police did not heed her plea and pushed right past in.

    The computer is still a rare sight in many villages, but people huddling around a small television screen at the local tea stall, is as common as can be. Well, not in these villages, and the impacts are complex and far-reaching.
  • 'Use east Dhaka, decongest west'

    The expansion of Dhaka city is showing no signs of slowing down. Private developers are pushing the boundaries of the metropolis by building eastwards and what currently exists as rural townships show the promise of being the future Dhaka city. Will we build it right this time, or will an unplanned urbanisation once again be the go-to-method? Martin Rama, chief economist for the South Asia region of the World Bank, talks to Zyma Islam of The Daily Star about the planned development of greater Dhaka.
  • Trump is now targeting families

    Deportation of undocumented Bangladeshis from the USA is nothing new. In the last 10 years, the country issued deportation orders for 7,364 Bangladeshis. The period during Bill Clinton's presidency particularly saw over a thousand Bangladeshis being marked for deportation each year.
  • Sundarban's new neigbours

    Even mid-way last year, the Department of Environment's environmental clearance committee questioned whether Navana's Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) bottling plant in Mongla should be cleared. “The plant is within the designated Ecologically Critical Area around the Sundarbans,” they opined. They held off on giving the license.