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  • How a cloud-based database can help diagnose illnesses

    During the chikungunya outbreak of 2017, children kept turning up at the Dhaka Shishu Hospital—with meningitis.
  • Chased by death

    On October 27, the Jatiya Sangsad passed the Narcotics Control Bill 2018 to replace the 30-year-old law from 1990. The new law has introduced the death sentence for people found to be in possession of over 200 grams of yaba, or 25 grams of heroin.
  • Illusion of Inclusion

    Many are quick to state that the number of women in the parliament is actually higher because 50 reserved seats are kept for women for the sake of representation. However, experts argue that the 'reserved seats' are merely a token representation. Why is it that more women don't contest elections, and why aren't reserved seats equal to actual representation?
  • Serving time even after amnesty

    An elderly man has been rotting in prison for nine years even after getting presidential general amnesty.
  • Why #MeToo is not happening in Bangladesh

    The #metoo and #metooindia hashtags are felling old oaks in Indian media including the likes of veteran actors such as Nana Patekar and Alok Nath, singer Kailash Kher, filmmaker Sajid Khan, author Chetan Bhagat and even deputy foreign minister and former founder editor of The Telegraph MJ Akbar.