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  • White Headstones and Black Bodies

    Tucked away in the hills of Chittagong, and between the overgrown temples of Maynamati, are white stones bearing the names of the African men buried beneath them. We refer to their graves as British graves.
  • Being American Can't Be Easy

    There are certain advantages to being Bangladeshi. (This is not actually true, but for now let's pretend.)

    The knights of the heroic king had come to the village. “Have no fear! We will liberate you from the forces of evil!” they cried, as they rode in with the dawn's light.
  • Millions will be made stateless, and we're silent

    The day after this article is published, three million Bengalis will have become stateless in India.
  • Only authoritarians love refugees

    In a breathtakingly racist speech, he warned that Europe could turn “black”and have its culture and civilisation overwhelmed by the “barbarian invasions” of migrants from across the Mediterranean.