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  • The middle ground between cash and credit card

    Debit cards are the happy medium between credit cards and cash -- one gets the convenience of carrying a card without the risk of
  • E-Wallet System in Bangladesh

    Perks of digital transactions

    Technology is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts after the gift of life, eminent American physicist Freeman Dyson once said -- and
  • India urges AIIB to scale up lending to $40b by 2020

    The third annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank wrapped up yesterday with calls from one of its earliest champions, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to scale up its lending tenfold over the next two years.
  • Bangladesh to get AIIB focus this year

    The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank plans to lend out $3.5 billion this year, with India, Bangladesh and Turkey to take greater focus than the other 83 member countries, said DJ Pandian, its chief investment officer.
  • AIIB bullish on Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is progressively becoming one of the more important countries for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, with the China-led multilateral lender looking to bankroll energy and transport projects in the country.