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  • It’s all about finding your worth

    This week, we ask an ages-old question: are unpaid internships worth it? Do you really want to spend your valuable time (and money, in some
  • Microsoft Excel is now an e-sport, watch out for the Excel World Cup

    The e-sport arena has a new unlikely contender. It’s Microsoft Excel. For the first time ever, Microsoft Excel, the software used for crunching numbers around the globe, is being considered an e-sport and Microsoft is even orgainising a Microsoft Excel Financial Modeling World Cup. The global competition is currently underway, starting June 8, featuring 8 participating countries: India, Malaysia, Canada, Poland, Australia, South Africa, the USA and the UK. 8 champions are representing the 8 countries in the Multiplayer Battle Tournament, called ‘888 Battle’, which is being streamed live on the official YouTube channel of the Financial Modeling World Cup .
  • Army of the Dead: Zack Snyder’s new zombie flick is ridiculously fun to watch

    It’s 2021, and shooting a zombie in the brain is still fun. Throw in a little Dave Bautista, a dash of mindless action, and a bit of slo-mo, and you have Zack Snyder’s latest Netflix flick, Army of the Dead.
  • The Palestinian struggle on the tech front: A case for digital apartheid

    Since the beginning of the conflict, Palestinians have taken to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah to protest and highlight the extent of the brutality by Israeli forces in Sheikh Jarrah. But many found their posts, and even their accounts blocked.
  • Work, when does it end?

    In case you needed a stern reminder, where here to tell you this week that work from home does not mean working 24/7. We get it—there’s