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  • #10YearChallenge

    #10YearChallenge: I celebrate myself, and sing myself

    From celebrities to survivors of horrific accidents their split-screen photos of #10YearChallenge have gone viral on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Bangladesh 11th general election 2018

    Daily Star covering #bdpolls2018

    Follow The Daily Star's special coverage on #bdpolls2018 as over 10 crore voters will pick 300 lawmakers from 1,841 candidates in December 30’s 11th general election.
  • First Bangla 3D animation series

    First Bangla 3D animation series releases trailer

    It is considerably difficult for parents nowadays to find appropriate online video content for children, especially in Bangla. As a matter
  • Chacha Bahinir Ajob Kahini

    Trailer of first Bangla 3D animation series for children released

    It’s a tough job for a parent to find a suitable online video programme for children, especially in Bangla. Sorry to say, there is not much out there. Keeping this challenge in mind, a team of creative people came forward to make a 3D animated adventure series in Bangla language exclusively for children, and it is the first of its kind.
  • Chart: Present quota system in Bangladesh civil bureaucracy

    Chart: Present quota system in Bangladesh civil bureaucracy

    The present quota system has been alleged to deprive many meritorious students from getting jobs in the Bangladesh public service. General students all over the country have been protesting it saying this present quota system should be reformed including a reduction in the number of quota-based government jobs, and merit-based recruitment in vacant posts in case of unavailability of eligible candidates for quota-based jobs, and same age limit for all jobseekers.