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  • Cancer treatment far beyond poor's reach

    When Mohammad Ershad arrived at a hospital in Dhaka four years ago with a persistent cough, he had no idea that it was symptomatic of something that could be so fatal.
  • Bangladesh Bank approves 3 more private banks

    Legal battle begins

    With the help of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Bangladesh yesterday launched a legal battle to recover the full amount stolen from its central bank's reserve.
  • Bangladesh ranks 121st in Economic Freedom Index 2019

    Poor infrastructure, graft key obstacle

    Poor infrastructure, endemic corruption, insufficient power supply, and slow implementation of economic reforms were found to be impediments to Bangladesh's economic growth, said a new global report.
  • Talent Competitiveness: Bangladesh in bottom 10

    Bangladesh remains among the bottom 10 countries in terms of developing, attracting and retaining talent, shows a new global report.
  • Festive atmosphere indeed!

    It seems like days leading up to Eid – people leaving Dhaka in large numbers. But this time, the journey home is for a different purpose. They all are keen to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming national polls.