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  • What to expect from the upcoming budget

    The upcoming budget for 2017-18 will cover the last full financial year before the general elections.
  • Is social business the way forward?

    A more relevant concern about social businesses is to do with the informational problem that may arise from their not being able to take full advantage of market signals in making decisions about prices and products.
  • Can we eradicate extreme poverty in Bangladesh?

    EXTREME poverty is officially defined in Bangladesh in terms of total living expenses of a family falling short of the cost of minimum
  • look east

    How does Bangladesh figure in India's Look East Policy?

    INDIA is looking for new economic frontiers in the East. In the face of continuing stalemate of WTO negotiations, countries are looking for alternative or parallel arrangements. The past decade has seen the flourishing of many such initiatives. As an emerging global economic powerhouse, India would obviously not like to be left behind.