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  • Upoma Aziz

  • A Serenade of the Sedulous

    "You know," I said, opening my backpack. "Maybe I will work from here today, listen to your story and write something on it."
  • The Non Gamers’ Game

    As a child, every afternoon my playdates and I would go up to the roof of the tallest building in the community and stare at the clouds and make up a new story each day.
  • Aquamarine

    Every time I look at you, I am reminded how moot a promise forever is.
  • Draw

    “You know, he never really stopped loving you.”
  • RUN

    The ruby red kite fluttered above head, contrasted against the aquamarine sky, and it all was picture perfect for a split second, so perfect that it was a spoiler to the fact that something horrible was about to follow, like it did almost always.