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    A closer look

  • In search of refuge

    Hundreds and thousands of refugees and migrants are preyed upon every year by human traffickers with false promises of a better future, a home.
  • Covid-19, cheaper labour and the endless miseries of our children

    Children are our most precious assets—for some, in a very literal sense. For money, for sustenance, for survival, many parents unable to bear poverty end up pushing their precious little ones into the wide open in search of subsistence. Children as young as three-four end up in the informal sector, doing menial jobs, for a tiny sum of money.
  • Covid-19 has increased children’s exposure to traffickers

    With Covid-19 bringing economic activities across nations to a halt, more and more people are being pushed into poverty. Job losses, business losses and farming losses, leading to economic stress, are pushing many to the fringes of poverty. And as families are being rendered helpless, the worst sufferers are invariably the children.
  • Global locust population surge: Should we be worried?

    While the world grapples to contain the spread of the coronavirus, a different breed of pesky pestilence is threatening the food security of many regions, including some parts of Asia—locusts!
  • Strengthening digital economy is the way to go

    China and South Korea were the early frontlines in our pitched battle against Covid-19. Both countries had taken the hardest hit during the initial phase of the outbreak, but both were quick to rebound from the initial shock of it and soon cornered the mortal enemy with the swift stroke of their digital weapons.