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  • Making a good first impression at work

    Joining a new job can be stressful; we’re often unsure of what to do and how to fit in. The first few weeks at work are very important because it creates a lasting impression and here are a few steps to make one that can impress your peers and supervisors.
  • Archaic HR policies that need revamping

    The concept of modern HR first started to take form with the industrial revolution, when factories introduced programs to improve worker productivity.
  • A guide to cracking recruitment interviews

    It’s very important to research about the potential company, the job and its requirements.
  • Travel outside the box

    Most label travelling as an expensive hobby that they set aside for the future, with exotic locations in mind that they think only exist abroad. While tourism in Bangladesh is getting some much deserved exposure, there are still many stunning locations that few people know about.
  • How to correct people at work without sounding like a jerk

    In a professional setting, it’s very important to correct others in a proper manner so that you don’t come across as a rude co-worker or a condescending know-it-all.