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  • Travel outside the box

    Most label travelling as an expensive hobby that they set aside for the future, with exotic locations in mind that they think only exist abroad. While tourism in Bangladesh is getting some much deserved exposure, there are still many stunning locations that few people know about.
  • How to correct people at work without sounding like a jerk

    In a professional setting, it’s very important to correct others in a proper manner so that you don’t come across as a rude co-worker or a condescending know-it-all.

    Performance appraisals are regular reviews of an employee’s job performance and overall contribution to a company with the aim of evaluating their skills, achievements and growth. Companies use these appraisals to understand employees’ strengths and weaknesses, provide feedback and development plans, and justify any promotion or termination decisions. Company policy decides how often they are conducted but they tend to be annual, semi-annual or quarterly. Here are a few steps to ace your next one.
  • Linkedin to get noticed

    If you’re hoping to get noticed and build credibility for yourself in the corporate world, having an eye-catching, detailed and updated Linkedin profile is a prerequisite. Your Linkedin page allows you to advertise your unique skills, achievements, work experience, etc. to
  • A guide to the best hr practices

    When it comes to establishing HR policies for your organisation, a lot of it depends on the organisational culture and the people working there.