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  • Syeda Samara Mortada

  • Like a Blink of an Eye

    One year goes by in the blink of an eye But the memories remain as livid as ever.
  • Can feminists wear lipstick?

    A few months ago, before the coronavirus outbreak, I attended a talk in Dhaka by a well-known internationally acclaimed feminist. The house was full, the air thick with expectation. I had heard of her aplenty, seen many talks of her online, and was eagerly waiting to hear her speak.
  • Death is different for a daughter

    We think of death as the great equaliser. We come to this world alone—as the saying goes—and so we take part of it alone too. The grief that consumes the deceased’s loved ones also seems like a universal experience, and so we console each other with words of
  • childcare

    Why aren't more men involved in child-rearing?

    For centuries now, the bulk of childcare has been resting on the somewhat “weak” shoulders of women. And while statistics differ contextually, worldwide, an estimated 66 percent of caregivers are female
  • The right to choose

    I have been asked this question a couple of times: Is women's clothing linked to their empowerment? I understand how in many cases