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  • Taka policy in a changing world

    It is still widely believed that depreciation of taka vis-à-vis foreign currencies—especially US dollar—will boost Bangladesh’s export earnings. This is true only if our exports are priced or invoiced in Bangladeshi taka. For example, if a shirt made in Bangladesh is invoiced at Tk 1,000, at an exchange rate of USD 1 = Tk 85, the shirt will cost USD 11.76 in the international market.
  • Why do the best minds of public universities perform so poorly in research?

    After I joined a leading private university in 2015, a question that puzzled me was why so many public university teachers are teaching at private universities.
  • How to think about automation

    Everyday, both in print and digital media, scary stories emerge about robots killing jobs.
  • A global aging population and Bangladesh's economy

    Many of the industrialised economies are going through an unprecedented demographic change called “population aging”.
  • Why computers get cheaper and health care doesn't

    This is the subtitle of a book by William Baumol, an American economist who died recently at age 95. The title of the book is The Cost Disease. In his book, Baumol made several interesting arguments that have significant implications for public welfare in Bangladesh.