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  • Sushmita Sruti Choudhury

  • An Architect's Archive

    My first and foremost identity is as a human being. I have always aspired to mold myself as an innovative entity. When it comes to passion and profession I will of
  • Femme Fabulous: Afroza Parveen

    “Cleanliness is the key to beauty”- a motto Afroza always believes and acts according to. She may sometimes try to take a short cut, but for her, cleanliness and hygiene are a must!
  • Femme Fabulous: Shamim Ara Nipa

    Skin care is an integral part of her life among all the heavy makeup and over-use of cosmetics. So removing makeup thoroughly is a must for her in order to maintain
  • Poojs Passions

    Dance artist and choreographer, Pooja Sengupta is a ray of sunshine in the dance fraternity of Bangladesh. Her passion for dance kindled at an early age, which eventually turned into her profession. Her dance repertory group 'Turongomi', has left significant marks on both national and international platforms. In a recent interview with Rafi Hossain, Pooja Sengupta talks about her passion for dance and her inspirations.
  • A cup of tea with Reshmi

    There's not much about me to share. An enthusiast singer, a music lover, that is how I would like to introduce myself. My favorite pass time is listening to music and the work I love to do the most is singing.