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  • Those glares...

    He was grinning from ear to ear as I headed towards him, his deep-set eyes beaming with joy. All of a sudden, that look of love vanished. He had spotted the man walking beside me, my “bestie”, laughing deliriously over some awful joke I'd just cracked.
  • 'Football gave me wings'

    “It's Messi! Messi is the one I follow in football. I follow his delivery and his skills, and whenever I am on the field, I try to play like him,” she said. Her eyes were beaming with excitement as she spoke about her idol.
  • Will he agree to be your valentine?

    Does your heart skip a beat every time he passes by? Look, there he is, sitting across the room, in a corner, looking at his phone intently. It is that hour when nobody is around except for you two. Do you get butterflies in your stomach at his sight?
  • Stay healthy this winter

    Dr Mujahidul Islam Nipun, senior medical officer at Care Specialised Hospital in Dhaka, spoke to The Daily Star about winter health and skin complications and gives tips to stay fit.
  • Looking back: Social media activism in 2016

    The year 2016 has been an eventful year for Bangladesh, on grounds of trade, business, diplomatic ties, achievements and failures. However, 2016 has been the year when everyone witnessed the power of social media.