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  • Sukanta Halder

  • 549 BSCIC plots left unused

    A total of 549 plots in various industrial estates of the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) are lying unused as the owners did not set up plants within the deadline.
  • national budget 2021-22

    Govt has an uphill battle ahead

    The national budget for 2021-22 is being proposed today all the while the country’s economy faces some tough realities stemming from the pandemic’s second wave.
  • Computer, IT accessories prices go up 20pc

    The price of computers and IT accessories has shot up 20 per cent in the last 14 months as pandemic-induced restrictions prompted educational institutions and businesses to heighten focus on home-based schooling and work.
  • Health insurance comes in handy

    Nazmul Ahsan, 36, works at a bank in Dhaka as the head of the treasury. He took up health insurance at the age of 29 as a part of his financial planning.
  • Amusement parks continue struggle against Covid

    The amusement park industry is on the brink of collapse as owners are struggling to pay salaries, bank loans and hefty maintenance costs amid an ongoing closure that began in April due to the recent resurgence of Covid-19.