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  • Sharbani Datta

  • Life on the silver screen

    I have always prioritized efficacy of the character that I would be portraying in a project. I got plenty of offers of working in cinema. Sometimes I didn't have enough time, sometimes I didn't like the script, sometimes I couldn't appreciate the character I was offered to play on screen.
  • Hasan Imam and Laila Hasan relationship

    53 years of unwavering comradeship

    They were part of the golden days of Film and Television. Hand-in-hand they have passed the golden jubilee of their marriage as well. Today with a cup of coffee, Hasan Imam and Laila Hasan is sharing the tale of their journey together in an interview with Rafi Hossain.
  • Stories From My Past

    Way back in 1980, I had enrolled in Jahangirnagar University. The JAKSU election was going on then, where I had the opportunity to meet Humayun Faridi.
  • A Different Kind of Suchanda

    "I am always in a garden, a garden that has many-hued flowers. These flowers have a bittersweet smell and an inescapable aura. I while away my entire day taking care of them, talking to them. Sometimes a sense of fulfillment resonates through the bosom of my heart, yes I always had longed for this garden that I could call of my own. These flowers are my grandchildren."
  • Through the Eyes of Kamal Bayezid

    Secretary of Bangladesh Group Theater Federation, Kamal Bayezid has been one of the eminent figures, along with whom, the theater industry of Bangladesh has seen its golden days. He joined Dhaka Theater in 1977, and has contributed significantly to the growth of the colossal art of theater ever since.