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  • Shang-Jin Wei

    Shang-Jin Wei, a former chief economist of the Asian Development Bank, is Professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia University.

  • Will the coronavirus cause a major growth slowdown in China?

    The panic generated by the new coronavirus, 2019-nCov, which originated in Wuhan, one of China’s largest cities and a major domestic transport hub, reminds many of the fear and uncertainty at the peak of the 2003 SARS crisis.
  • How to revive the WTO

    December 11, 2019, was the 18th anniversary of China’s accession to the World Trade Organisation. It also marks the start of an era in which the WTO no longer has a functioning appellate body to adjudicate trade disputes among member countries. Why is the WTO imploding, and can it be resuscitated before it’s too late?
  • Anti-globalisation bias and public policy

    Oppone-nts of globa-lisation constantly point to the uneven impact of open trade. Although trade liberalisation can make the overall economic pie bigger, not everyone gets a larger slice
  • The case for climate tariffs

    As Australia heads toward a federal election on May 18, the national debate on cutting carbon dioxide emissions is heating up. Yet the discussion highlights the limits of what Australia or any other individual country can do to combat global warming.
  • The reforms China needs

    This year marks a decade since the global financial crisis erupted. For the United States, 2018 is very different from 2008.