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    A big guy who sits in the tightest cubicle in The Daily Star, Shahriar has a strong knowledge of all things related to digital security, mobile gadgets, apps and related tech. He is an electrical engineering graduate ( and also State Department Fellow) working as a Sub-Editor & Feature Writer for Bytes (our tech supplement) and occasionally does test drives for Shift (automotive supplement). In between, he regularly takes on interviews for Next Step (the career supplement). If any of your everyday gadgets are acting fishy, then Shahriar is probably your go-to-guy!

  • Gojek writes off Pathao investment

    Gojek Singapore, the main investor of Pathao, had a tenfold increase in year-on-year loss in 2019, largely stemming from its investment in Bangladesh’s ride-hailing service as it moved to clean up its balance sheet.
  • Gojek tidies up ledger by writing off Pathao investment as 'cosmetic loss'

    Gojek Singapore, the main investor of Pathao, has reported a tenfold increase in Y-o-Y loss, of which most was attributed from investment in Pathao, in a move to clean up its ledger books.
  • Edtior's Note

    2020- A year that humanity is going to recall for a long time, a year we lost so many that we became oblivious about our achievements.
  • Apple iPad 10.2 (7th Gen): The perfect study buddy

    The form factor: The dimensions of the tab is perfect. You can use it in one hand as it doesn’t weigh much. It’s also easy to carry on your bag.
  • The year of Zoom calls and Google meets

    Zoom- probably this word this year is equivalent to what Facebook was back in 2012. Thanks to the pandemic, zoom call has become a household staple.