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  • Shahriar Rahman

    A big guy who sits in the tightest cubicle in The Daily Star, Shahriar has a strong knowledge of all things related to digital security, mobile gadgets, apps and related tech. He is an electrical engineering graduate ( and also State Department Fellow) working as a Sub-Editor & Feature Writer for Bytes (our tech supplement) and occasionally does test drives for Shift (automotive supplement). In between, he regularly takes on interviews for Next Step (the career supplement). If any of your everyday gadgets are acting fishy, then Shahriar is probably your go-to-guy!


    Eighteen participants are taking part in the Industry 4.0 zone to showcase their work in artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of Things and other high tech stuff.
  • Symphony i95 Price in Bangladesh

    Hands-on Review: Symphony i95

    A lion shares of Symphony's revenue come from feature phones and entry-level smartphones.
  • NOKIA 5.1 Plus Price in Bangladesh

    NOKIA 5.1 Plus

    Since HMD Global took over Nokia back in 2016, we have been seeing a push from Nokia to enter the Asian market with an array of midrange phones. Nokia 5.1 Plus (which is also known as Nokia X5) is such a mid-range device that entered the local market quite a bit ago and we finally got our hands on it.
  • AIs: A bleak future with inequities?

    Technology has disrupted the way we have been living our lives, undoubtedly. With all the good it has vowed to bring, it has been able to get rid of pernicious institutions i.e. racism and sexism. Artificial Intelligence or AI, the Messiah, is touted to become the modern man's saviour, by liberating them from the messy and clunky process of decision-making. But is that the case though?
  • Looking at 'Gujob' Hypothesis

    Gujob, a word that has been repeatedly used by pro-government supporters online to lambast any critical view of the government, has made a sudden comeback this election period—after an official post by Facebook