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  • Shahriar Rahman

    A big guy who sits in the tightest cubicle in The Daily Star, Shahriar has a strong knowledge of all things related to digital security, mobile gadgets, apps and related tech. He is an electrical engineering graduate ( and also State Department Fellow) working as a Sub-Editor & Feature Writer for Bytes (our tech supplement) and occasionally does test drives for Shift (automotive supplement). In between, he regularly takes on interviews for Next Step (the career supplement). If any of your everyday gadgets are acting fishy, then Shahriar is probably your go-to-guy!

  • 3 million Bangladeshi Facebook users' personal data exposed during a massive data leak

    Hackers have recently exposed the personal details of 533 million Facebook users across the world which includes data of 3 million (3,816,339) Bangladeshis. Published in a low-key cybersecurity forum, these data remain accessible to everyone. The leaked information consists of and is not limited to FB ID no, profile names, email addresses, basic location data, gender, employment etc.
  • Mail servers of some firms compromised

    Some Bangladeshi organisations running Microsoft Exchange mail servers have been compromised by cyberattacks, says the e-Government Computer Incident Response Team (BGD e-GOV CIRT) in an advisory.
  • The only constant is change- or is it?

    This week, we themed our issue keeping in mind March 8- World Women’s Day and Proof-reading day. Our cover story is about Femtech, a branch of technology that’s dedicated to female healthcare.
  • Amazfit GTR 2: A must-have

    Amazfit GTR 2’s design is a major upgrade compared to the previous model of the device. Starting from the colour accent to the sleeker bezel- the smartwatch has brought a cleaner retro vibe to design.
  • North Korean hackers

    Bangladesh Bank Heist: US charges North Korean hacker

    Almost five years after the Bangladesh Bank heist, the most sensational cybercrime involving a financial institution to date, the US Department of Justice has formally announced charges against Park Jin Hyok, a North Korean hacker.