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  • Shahnoor Wahid

    The writer is Special Supplements Editor, The Daily Star.

  • From the archives: Freedom fight by two missionaries

    Alongside the Bengalis in general, many foreign missionaries who have been living in Bangladesh since the fifties and sixties had joined our War of Liberation in 1971 in their own capacity. We have heard about their heroic contribution and on various occasions paid our tribute that they deserved. I personally met and heard the story of two missionary doyens who defied the threats of the Pakistani military and continued to help the freedom fighters. They did so for the sheer love for the common people of this country irrespective of their religion, cast or creed.
  • Archer Blood - An American's sacrifice for Bangladesh

    Soon after the creation of Bangladesh, we came to know of the heroic yet risky stand taken by many foreigners, foreign journalists and Christian missionaries in defiance of the Pakistani military threats.
  • Can media influence the outcome?

    It was J. Edgar Hoover, the apparently puritan FBI Director, who had let his agents secretively investigate the love life of John F.
  • No grave for Gulshan attackers

    It was the last act in the bleak drama. And it was written by none other than Providence. The young men who had unleashed mayhem in a restaurant in Gulshan in July this year in the name of Islam and subsequently were killed in the hands of the law enforcers now lie in their eternal sleep in some unidentified graves in the city.
  • Reviving the Age of Wisdom

    The obsession with a section of youths of the country about “dying” for Islam gives rise to the paradoxical question: How can one