Shagufe Hossain | The Daily Star
  • Shagufe Hossain

    The writer is the founder of Leaping Boundaries and a graduate student at McGill University.

  • Crippling Senses

    A human being has five senses. Taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight. These senses are essential for survival that is the ultimate goal
  • Under an open sky

    Last Sunday, the front page of The Daily Star displayed an image of a classroom. In the photograph, a teacher of Chhalia Government Primary School in Sylhet was seen as imparting lessons upon her students on the school playground.
  • A teacher's worth

    My postgraduate classroom was filled with teachers and social workers. Self-proclaimed idealists. Once, during a highly theoretical discussion, someone made a comment about how we are not all as selfless as we claim.
  • When saying “No” to a man is a death sentence

    Stalking wasn't considered a crime until fairly recently. The High Court declared stalking of girls and women illegal, and directed the government to consider the offence as sexual harassment in 2011.
  • Reclaiming public spaces for women

    The front page of The Daily Star published a photo that could be a poster for any women's empowerment campaign. In the picture, 15-year-old Ontora, calls passengers to board a Mirpur-bound BRTC bus, her face a perfect picture of strength and resilience.