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  • Seuty Sabur

    The writer is Assistant Professor, Anthropology Program, Dept. of Economics and Social Science, BRAC University.

  • A camaraderie thicker than blood

    Our comrade Ayesha Khanam, president of Bangladesh Mahila Parishad, left us on January 2, 2021. Like everyone else, I had been convinced that she would defeat cancer and come back strong.
  • The burning man, and our national addiction to violence

    Barely a month had passed since one of us wrote about rape, scopophilia and collective rage, and barely a day since we began an intergenerational dialogue on gender, rage and violence, full of hope at the emergence of passionate and resourceful young allies, when the world dutifully punched back.
  • Rape, scopophilia and our collective rage

    Monday morning, October 5—I woke up and made the mistake of checking my Facebook newsfeed.
  • Covid-19: The ineptitude of power

    Plagues, pandemics, floods and blights, we were once taught, are vehicles of retribution, weeding out those who have not prepared for divine wrath—the greedy, reckless, and arrogant.

    The possibility for transversal politics

    The students of private universities have shown their maturity and creativity in leading a peaceful demonstration against the proposed 7.5 percent VAT.