Sara Rashid

Sara Rashid, based in New York, is interested in how religion and politics shape art in South Asia.

Dhaka: A distant dream

I slip right back into the chaos I was raised alongside, and it feels like a reunion with a childhood friend.

The devastating shades of intimacy after assault

On my worst days, any type of physical intimacy ends in hellish claustrophobia; I’m buried under layers of shame, wrapped in an endless cycle of revulsion at my body, and I can’t escape.

(Not My) Home: Musings of a Reluctant Immigrant

Despite all her flaws, Dhaka is still the home that loves with reckless abandon

Maa, all the things I’ve been silent about

Maa, all the things I’ve been silent about are all the things that could’ve saved me.

Intimate acts of violence

“Don’t let strangers touch you.” And yet it is seldom strangers, I learned long before I was a teenager, who do you harm.