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  • Samina Hossain

  • Henna-ed Happiness

    Henna has come to symbolise celebration, especially in the Eid culture. Intricate patterns of burnished amber and chocolate browns decorating the hands of a bride or of scores of women and girls on Eid bear testament to the fact, and add to the festive ambience. Henna has been around for centuries, but its origin is difficult to trace. Cultural interaction caused by centuries of migration makes it almost impossible
  • Bangladeshi Fashion

    That which is truly ours

    By doing so we will primarily be helping build the nation's economy, and if that isn't reason enough, then here are a few more. If you want haute couture dresses, we can be sure to get a more personalised service from our fashion houses.
  • Of Artists with Beauty Brushes

    A BSC in Computer Science and Engineering, Basma Md. Liakat Khan spent her early life in Saudi Arabia before shifting back home to Bangladesh.
  • Holy Shab-e-barat 2018

    Auspicious Shab-e-barat

    Shab-e-barat is approaching and your neighbourhood grocery stores are already stocked up with ghee and spices. The fish and bhortas of the last week are well behind, and rich sweet and savoury recipes are being dusted out.
  • The coffee house hangouts

    This proverb and many others like 'Work hard, party harder' basically promote, as they should, a healthy work-life balance. With the stress of work, be it studies, office or household, de-stressing is crucial. To that end what better way to de-stress than to enjoy a wholesome 'adda' session over a cup of tea or coffee, with friends and family at any of the local joints.