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  • Subscription services the future of Big Tech?

    The subscription economy has been on the rise for quite a while now, with companies looking to build stronger and more lasting relationships with customers while generating guaranteed income. This has led to the fall of ownership as we know it and has given rise to users. And right now, in the realm of technology, it seems to be the hottest goal for companies.
  • DCeased: DC Comics’ gory take on a cyber pandemic

    Have you ever stopped to think – what if the coronavirus had spread from one human to another via technology? Sounds like a diabolical train of thought, no? Well, as despondent as it sounds, it did not prevent DC Comics from creating their version of a cyber pandemic.
  • Fighting the good fight against overpopulation fallouts with fabulous technology

    While organizations and governments are working to research and implement policies to combat overpopulation, innovations, and technology are constantly being leveraged across the globe to combat the increasing number of problems that are stemming from overpopulation.
  • What organisations can do for employee mental health amidst Covid-19

    If there was ever a more pressing time to focus on employee health, it is now. Fear, anxiety, and burnouts are common right now and anyone
  • WWDC 2020: Apple replaces Intel, introduces iOS 14 and a whole lot more

    This year Apple went fully virtual with its signature yearly event Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), choreographing the entire keynote session into one immersive experience for viewers amid lockdowns induced by the global coronavirus pandemic.