Robin Gazi

Flying into a new chapter

Bangladesh Biman turns over to a new chapter with its brand new Dreamliner taking off for Malaysia today.

Bangladeshi engineer-led team develops “cool burn” combustion tech

Tanvir Farouk graduated from BUET in 2001 and worked as a lecturer for less than a year in the Department of Mechanical Engineering before going for his master's at the University of Toronto in 2002.

Guilty, who?

A YouTube audio clip of a reported conversation between US-Bangla flight BS211 and the air traffic control (ATC) of Tribhuvan International Airport prior to the crash reveals startling confusion over what was going on.

The vanishing act

It was not too long ago when aeroplane enthusiasts of the world, those who were old enough, were saddened by the demise of the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. People from across the world queued up at an airport in the UK to be in the last ever passenger flight of the airliner which was then operated by only Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

Uber Taxi, Smartphone Apps: Govt rules must serve people

Saturday's paper delivered a double whammy to readers, leaving many of them baffled. They were told that Uber taxi service, which

Why Trump won?

It was supposed to be a tight race in the US presidential election. Donald Trump was supposed to solidify what was thought to

How it all works

The assumption that you vote for a presidential candidate and the candidate with most votes wins does not necessarily work in

Life as it is: What to do with poop terrorism?

He was standing beside the auto-rickshaw on the left to ours at the set of lights at Sonargaon intersection between Sonargaon

Ideas in e-services take students to China

It started out as just a notice on a board at their university faculties, asking for solutions on how to enrich people's lives through e-