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  • Rizwanul Islam

    Dr Rizwanul Islam is an economist and former Special Adviser, Employment Sector, International Labour Office, Geneva.

  • The war against Covid-19 is also stress-testing our limits as a species

    I haven’t visited my children or grandchildren for nearly a year and a half, neither have they visited me. They live in the USA, and I in Europe.
  • Economic recovery: hopes and trepidations

    Although the budget for fiscal year 2020-21 projected a GDP growth of 8.2 per cent for the year, the Planning Commission has recently revised the projection down to 7.4 per cent.
  • Ten takeaways from one year of Covid-19

    It’s been almost one year since the novel coronavirus was identified in China and reported to WHO. During the past year, the pandemic caused by Covid-19 has spread to the entire world, over six and a half crores have been infected, and over 15 lakhs have died.
  • Make sure economic recovery is not jobless

    Use of telephone interview for a survey of income, expenditure and employment is rather ambitious, and I am wondering why a government organisation like the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics had to resort to this method - even taking into account the difficult environment created by the Covid pandemic.
  • Six months of Covid-19: Is the economy on a path to inclusive recovery?

    The Covid-19 pandemic derailed life as a whole and severely disrupted the global economy as well as that of Bangladesh. Looking at the impact on economic growth, the country was cruising at over 8 percent growth of GDP which then came down to 5.24 percent (according to government estimates).