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  • Rejaul Karim Byron

  • New era beckons

    Bangladesh is confident that it can fend off the challenges stemming from the graduation from the grouping of least-developed countries (LDCs) as the government has taken measures.
  • A bold voice against financial fraud no more

    At a time when raising voice against financial scammers is challenging given the immense influence enjoyed by the vested quarter, Khondkar Ibrahim Khaled took a bold stance against swindlers in the banking sector. He became a torchbearer by way of giving his valuable recommendations to protect financial institutions from delinquent borrowers.
  • Rush for family savings tools

    The downing of bank deposit rates is pushing savers towards national savings certificates as they seek higher returns after incomes were wiped out by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Stimulus for small businesses, farmers raised to Tk 10,000cr

    The government has decided to expand the size of a fresh stimulus package for small traders, entrepreneurs and farmers to Tk 10,000 crore as they were largely left out of credit support despite being hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Govt to buy Tk 624cr LNG from Singapore firm

    The government yesterday approved two proposals to buy a total of 67.2 lakh MMBTU liquified natural gas from spot market for Tk 623.64 crore to meet the growing demand for the super-chilled fuel.