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  • Work from home bowls

    Fried potatoes don’t always have to mean chips, but this bowl brings in cheese and chips in a new combo avatar.
  • Post-Eid table spread

    Eid maybe over, but the mood for festivities certainly isn’t.
  • Ayasofia: A lost symbol of a shared heritage

    The Taj Mahal is to India what Ayasofia is to Turkey and so much more. Once considered the largest dome in the world, Ayasofia remains a symbol of the harmony that Turkey exudes: a merging of the East and West, a coming together of inter-connected faiths that a country like Turkey, with its many rulers and colourful history can only result in.
  • Father’s Day favourites

    We call out to all those dads contributing towards looking after their families during these stressful times. Thank you for not just being there for your families but for also reminding us about how each member plays a role.
  • Food in the time of COVID-19 from around the world

    As the world reels under the panic of a pandemic and our homebound lives, interjected with house work, looking after our children and working, turn haywire, it is very important to keep our spirits up in any way we can.