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  • Struggling to make friENDS meet

    Asif tried to concentrate on his assignment over the noise of the electric drill from the next room. He had to complete this now before going to tutor his evening students. He had four students a day on weekdays and more during the weekends.
  • The BEST CHILD Award

    Yesterday my parents dropped a bombshell on me and my two siblings. It went something like this:
  • Wait, Dragons Again?

    Warning: Possible spoiler alert.
  • The Problem With Titles

    Titles are always catchy, and seemingly informative. We have all previously been guilty of reading the title of an article and at least believing it, if not sharing it.
  • YouTuber Burnout Explained

    Since its inception fourteen years ago, YouTube has become a fundamental part of our lives. Not just for the youth but for people of all ages, it is an indispensable tool