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    People like chocolates. People are like chocolates. When you don't know someone well enough, you might just mistake them for plain milk chocolate, nothing inherently wrong with them, but one dimensional in essence.
  • Signs that you are a bad storyteller

    Have you ever tried retelling an amazing story, and realised halfway through that your audience isn't responding to it as you'd hoped? You remember the story captivating you when you heard it, but you've already lost interest in ending it as you look at the expressions of the people around you. What went wrong?
  • Stand-up Comedians That Need Your Attention

    Sometime about three years ago, I got into stand-up comedy. I started with YouTube videos of some amateur comedians who performed at random open-mics, and upon finding them quite hilarious I decided to look into some more popular names, expecting them to be even better.
  • Thoughts after Eid

    Eid-ul-Azha went by in a blur for me this year, as it does most years. Perhaps that is because I find myself quite uninvolved in the process. Having given up on the concept of visiting gorur haats at the age of nine, the only pre-Eid ceremony I have is my basic conversation with the cow about life and its mysteries.
  • Burgers and the pursuit of happiness

    Let's just agree that everyone has a favourite burger. Some like the classic BLT (for us its beef and not bacon), others (read: plebs) like their burger with truckloads of sauce and meat sans veggies.