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  • My Airborne Valentine

    “Bonjour! Bienvenue!” said the flight attendant with a smile as she checked my boarding pass. “You're right in the front. Just go straight and it will be the second seat on your right. Enjoy your flight with French Air.” Thanking her, I made my way as directed.
  • How Life Changes When Your Siblings Move Out

    Being the youngest in a family means you're usually the last to leave the nest. As your siblings leave to make something of themselves, you begin to notice that things at home change quite a bit.
  • 5 must-watch Netflix stand-up comedy specials

    When most people get a Netflix subscription for the first time, they're usually excited about all the shows they will get to stream in high definition without having to painstakingly look for it.
  • Articles people want me to write

    Being a writer, something you get asked quite often is “Why don't you write about that?” Everyone has an opinion on what would make a “good” article.
  • A day in the life of a buff Bollywood guy

    This cannot be happening again. It's the third day in a row. What does a guy have to do to find a shirt around here?