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  • The Problem With Titles

    Titles are always catchy, and seemingly informative. We have all previously been guilty of reading the title of an article and at least believing it, if not sharing it.
  • YouTuber Burnout Explained

    Since its inception fourteen years ago, YouTube has become a fundamental part of our lives. Not just for the youth but for people of all ages, it is an indispensable tool
  • Fresh Take on Human Cloning

    Season One of a new Netflix Original series, Living with Yourself, starring Paul Rudd, was released on October 18. The show deals with human cloning gone wrong and all the hilarity that follows. Given my bias for the lead, who I admit I absolutely adore, I had high hopes for the show and was not disappointed.
  • 100% Rotten Mango

    I was once a perfectly good mango. Unlike some of my more “handsome” siblings, I had a bit of a sharp chin. But as a mango, I was perfectly sweet. If only someone were to take the time to taste me. But no! They simply judged me based on my looks, plucked me from my beautiful branch, and chucked me into the River of Doom.
  • Cute Animals on YouTube

    Cute animal videos and compilations of people’s pets doing the most hilariously adorable things are everywhere. However, there are times when we find ourselves getting curiously attached to certain animals, and even though they aren’t our pets, we come to care for them in a special way.