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  • How not to do food review

    I’ll be honest, this was supposed to be a “How to Do a Food Review” article. However, halfway through I realised I have no qualifications whatsoever that would justify my writing such an article. What I do have is a varied palette, a whole lot of food knowledge
  • CUSTOM-MADE GIFTS: A Game Changer?

    We all remember a time when birthday parties were the norm and you couldn’t just turn up empty handed. The struggle to find something appropriate was real. Did we go the trusted perfume or photo frame route? Or did we try to seem thoughtful with hand-made gifts?
  • Not-Scrabble, with Acquaintances 2

    In an age where people are increasingly moving away from board games, I would call myself a scrabble dealer. I’ve had to resort to strangers online, which is never a good decision, except in the case of Words with Friends.
  • Internal Confusion

    Hridoy: Hey, what are you up to? This feels different.
  • Origin Stories Street Signs

    There are signs in this city that we sweep past every day. We read them purposelessly when stuck in traffic with nothing better to do. Have you ever wondered how they came to be? Here’s how I like to imagine some of the most common ones came about.