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  • Rabita Saleh

  • Signs that you're growing up

    Growing up is the worst. It is quite ironic how going back to the horror of the “what's-happening-to-my-body” phase actually sounds quite appealing once you are well past it. Alas, there is no going back.
  • The Workaholic's Guide to Maintaining Relationships

    Balancing work and play can be quite the challenge for those of us who prefer the former over the latter. The rush that we get from a job well done is quite inexplicable to those who don't hold the same values.
  • Grasping at the Hidden Straws

    At the stage of your life when you're about to graduate from high school and enter university, you may find yourself stuck in a haze of perpetual confusion. You've just started grade 10 or 11, but your peers already seem like they have pulled ahead of you. There's a flurry of action and everyone is looking into prospects that they can cram into their repertoires to make themselves seem more “interesting”, “pro-active” or, the worst, “worldly”.
  • A chat over coffee with the food bloggers

    Last Wednesday, in the suave setting of North End Coffee Roasters inside Lakeshore Gulshan, SHOUT met with a few individuals from the budding Bangladeshi Instagram food blogging scene. At the scene, the idea that food blogging needs to be about pictures and stories of expensive food, was the first myth they wished to bust.
  • Say “No” to the restaurant date

    Are you tired of your dates becoming identical in flavour because they all revolve around food? Are you worried that your growing second chin is here to stay? Well then this article is for you, my slightly chubby friend; for you and your S/O.