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  • A Reader's Guide to Writers' Britain

    Awakening your wanderlust, in hand is the ultimate travel guidebook to Britain's rich literary heritage. Here, innumerable destinations feature multiple authors, landscapes and legendary characters that transport both the studious and the curious into unforgettable literary trails.
  • A Review of The Sunset Club

    'Boorha Binch' is the term used by walkers and wanderers in the historical urban jewel that are the Lodhi Gardens in central New Delhi.
  • Ghalib Ki Dilli (Part II)

    Some years back, I had read of the restoration of the Ghalib haveli. The premises in 1995 had served as a heater workshop. It opened
  • Ghalib ki Dilli (Part I)

    I should have been listening to one of the scores of imaginative events on the poetry, life and times of the pre-eminent poet of the
  • A Paean to Aleppo

    The heart-breaking visuals and devastating destruction that has befallen the citizens of Aleppo, its infrastructure and