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  • How to tackle motion sickness during travel

    I travel regularly by bus and often find some of my travel mates are vomiting 20-30 minutes after commencing the journey.
  • Is thumb sucking a problem?

    Recently I met Abid (not a real name) with his parents. He is an adorable boy of 4 years. His parents are concerned about his thumb sucking.
  • Green banana in treating diarrhoea

    Diarrhoea is a common condition in our children. Approximately 3-4 episodes of diarrhoea annually are a common event in children under 5. To prevent diarrhoea, handwashing, eating safe food, drinking clean water and safe disposal of excreta is important.
  • Common winter illnesses in children

    Common winter illnesses in children

    Winter is knocking at the door and few diseases are quite common in our children at this time. Most of the diseases that affect children in winter are common cold, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis and sore throat, asthma, earache, whooping cough, stomach flu or viral diarrhoea, scabies etc.
  • Frequently asked questions by the mother of a newborn

    New mothers are always curious, excited and anxious. They might have many questions to ask to their doctors. I always ask the new mother to write all the questions that are in their mind and ask them one by one when they visit me with their baby for checkup. Here I am trying to put the frequently ask questions by mother & their answers.