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  • Porimol Palma

    Porimol Palma

  • Ride sharing service in Bangladesh

    Ridesharing brings comfort to commute

    Mansura Hossain, a journalist for over 15 years, frequently travels to various parts of Dhaka on assignments and for interviews. She does not like crowded buses dominated by male passengers.
  • From Riyadh with tales of heartbreak

    Nasiruddin had a dream to change the fate of his family by working hard and earning a good wage in the oil-rich Saudi Arabia. It, however, tragically turned into a nightmare just in a month as he had to face detention and deportation.
  • Doubt lingers as conflict flares up in Myanmar

    Rohingya Repatriation: Doubt lingers as conflict flares up in Myanmar

    Uncertainty over Rohingya repatriation is likely to stay as conflict between the Myanmar military and the Arakan Army in Rakhine has escalated since early January, say experts.
  • Girl students first to raise the alarm

    What could be a day of boundless festivity for the first time in three decades was eventually spoiled by allegations of foul play, and it was the female students of the country's premier university who first raised the alarm bell.
  • Decades to build, minutes to lose

    After coming to Dhaka from Noakhali when he was only 10 years old, Abdul Mannan engaged himself in many an odd job -- from working at restaurants to construction sites -- to save money for himself. He was able to save Tk 10 lakhs, with which he opened up a stationary shop 16 years ago.