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  • Porimol Palma

    Porimol Palma

  • Not willing to go home

    The much-awaited launch of the Rohingya repatriation was cancelled at the last moment yesterday as the refugees refused to return to Rakhine for fear of fresh persecution.
  • diabetes in Bangladesh

    A worrying picture of diabetes in Bangladesh

    Ambia Khatun has been almost bed-ridden for the last one year. She has not even been able to take a walk in her neighbourhood or see her relatives as the right part of her body became numb since she suffered a stroke a year back.
  • Tormented there, neglected here

    When 15-year-old Shima Begum, who worked as a house help in Jordan for 17 months, arrived in Dhaka on October 19, there was nobody waiting for her at the airport.
  • Bangladeshi Workers: 300 left to rot in a Qatar camp

    Unpaid since May, about 300 Bangladeshi migrant workers are struggling in a Qatar labour camp that has no running water and power and many of them have become sick.
  • manpower agency in malaysia

    'No fresh chance'

    Kuala Lumpur has opposed Dhaka's proposal for giving the undocumented Bangladeshi migrants in Malaysia a fresh chance to legalise themselves, say officials at the expatriates' welfare ministry.